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LiceBusters Head Lice Treatment and Head Lice Removal Services Brooklyn, NY

In Brooklyn, NY, LiceBusters stands out with its in-home lice services, bringing expert lice removal directly to you for a stress-free experience. Our team of skilled technicians ensures that your fight against lice is handled with the utmost care and convenience, right in your own home.

Locations In Brooklyn, NY

Park Slope
Lice Clinic

433 3rd Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 336-4206

Hours of operation: 9:00AM-6PM

Lice Clinic

227 Ryder Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11230
(917) 742-2978

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Why Choose Our Head Lice Treatment Service in Brooklyn

Selecting the right head lice treatment service in Brooklyn, NY is critical, especially if you’re aiming for a lice-free life. Our service stands apart as we, expert lice technicians, personally bring our in-home lice removal solutions to your doorstep, ensuring your comfort throughout the process.

We’re talking about a head lice removal service that’s top-notch and designed specifically for the Brooklyn lice issue. We know all about those tough-to-beat super lice and have developed an effective lice procedure that takes only one visit to help you get rid of head lice for good. And when it comes to nit removal, our lice removal service in Brooklyn is unmatched.

In Brooklyn, we provide top-notch lice treatment for kids, utilizing natural and gentle in-home head lice solutions. Our services, perfect for bustling Brooklyn families, especially in Brooklyn Heights, ensure your little ones get the best care without leaving home.

Lice removal Clinic Brooklyn

Expert Lice Removal Services in Brooklyn

In Brooklyn, facing head lice means you need experts on your side. Our lice treatment center wields advanced solutions for effective screenings and treatments, and we stand as the trusted professionals for school lice screenings, keeping local schools clear of lice.

Our head lice treatment method distinguishes us. We tackle lice removal and educate families to prevent reinfestations. Our lice technicians, equipped with extensive tools and knowledge, visit your home to eradicate the lice cycle.

So, if you’re in Brooklyn looking for a Brooklyn lice treatment that’s quick and easy, don’t wait to get rid of those signs of lice. Call the lice experts, and let’s make sure that lice infestation has been resolved. Remember, getting lice isn’t fun, but getting rid of head lice with us is easy and stress-free. Schedule an appointment with our lice treatment service in Brooklyn, and let’s kick those nits and lice out for a lice free life!

LiceBustersNYC All Natural Head Lice Removal 

FeatureLiceBustersNYC All-Natural ProcessTraditional Chemical Treatments
MethodNon-toxic, natural ingredientsChemical-based shampoos
SafetySafe for children and adultsPotential side effects
EffectivenessDesigned to eliminate ‘super lice’Not effective on Super Lice and nits
Treatment Time45 minutes to an hourMay require a longer application 
Side EffectsNoneMay include scalp irritation
ConvenienceIn-home service availableDIY
Environmental ImpactEco-friendlyPotential environmental toxins
Follow-upFree RechecksMay require additional treatments
ExpertiseProvided by expert lice techniciansVaries by product
EducationEducates on prevention and re-infestationLimited information provided
Community PresenceServes BrooklynNot location-specific
SpecializationFocused on head lice and nits General pest removal


Q: What is LiceBusters?

A: LiceBusters is a professional lice removal service in Brooklyn, NY that provides in-home lice treatment and lice removal services.

Q: What makes LiceBusters different from other lice removal services?

A: LiceBusters stands out due to its team of preferred lice technicians who provide in-home lice removal services. They offer a mobile head lice removal process, providing convenience for customers.

Q: How does LiceBusters handle getting rid of lice?

A: LiceBusters uses a professional lice removal process that is pesticide-free. Their trained technicians make house calls to provide natural in-home head lice treatment and nit removal.

Q: Is LiceBusters only available in Brooklyn?

A: Yes, LiceBusters is a lice treatment service available in Brooklyn, NY. They serve customers in the five boroughs of New York.

Q: How long does the lice removal process take?

A: The duration of the lice removal process depends on the severity of the lice infestation. LiceBusters’ professional technicians work efficiently to ensure the treatment is completed as quickly as possible.

Q: What makes LiceBusters confident in their lice removal services?

A: LiceBusters is confident in their lice removal services due to their expertise and experience in treating lice infestations. They have served customers across the New York metropolitan area and have established themselves as trusted lice professionals.

Q: Are the lice removal products used by LiceBusters safe?

A: Yes, LiceBusters uses pesticide-free and natural products for their lice removal treatment. They prioritize the safety and well-being of their customers.

Q: Can LiceBusters be contacted by home care agencies in New York?

A: Yes, LiceBusters collaborates with home care agencies across the New York metropolitan area. They offer their professional lice removal services to clients referred by these agencies.

Q: Do I need to visit a lice treatment salon to avail LiceBusters’ services?

A: No, LiceBusters provides in-home lice treatment and nit removal services. Their trained technicians come to your home to provide the needed lice treatment.

Q: Can LiceBusters help me with my head lice problem?

A: Yes, LiceBusters specializes in head lice removal and treatment. Their professional lice removal technicians are experienced in dealing with lice infestations and can help eliminate your head lice problem.

How Do I Find LiceBusters Near Me?

Using our Location page find the closest Lice Removal clinic near you.